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Embrace Entrepreneurship

My daughter decided this weekend she wanted to open a water business. She had a simple idea in mind, because she had a goal that she wanted to achieve.

These goals need to be neither big nor small but must be enough to inspire you. In this case, she is saving for a cell phone that she realizes she is not allowed to get for another 4 years. 😉

She deliberately put her vision on a piece of paper and made a list of what needed to be done. Then she did it.

1. Get water

2. Make sign

3. Find ice.

4. Make money.

She was sitting out there for about 15 minutes and realized how hot it was.

Next came innovation.... addition of popsicles for the kids. Now she had an expanded market to reach. (She also added a personal neck fan to stay cool and some books for her to prevent boredom.)

She sat outside for a few hours on the bike path at the beach access (strategic location for sure!) right around lunch. While the money she made may not be what we may consider a lot, the pride and excitement she got from earning those first $30 became pure inspiration! She became committed and went back again after she got home from camp this week.

What inspires you? What small innovations or tweaks might expand your market of opportunity?


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