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Wild Berries

Exclusive Engagements

By expanding the lens to a panoramic view of business and personal impact, we uncover innovative insights that prioritize and focus our engagement.  This contemporary perspective reveals opportunities across the strategic areas of productivity, purpose, fiscal health and vitality.  


Engagement sessions are offered for individuals and teams, as well as businesses leaders and executives.  Customized solutions, such as leadership development, business planning or client experience optimization, are offered for those that need a specific solution or quick reboot, as well as speaking engagements to executive teams and groups.

Engagement Offerings


As a business executive, entrepreneur or sales professional, you experience unique challenges as you build and elevate your business or career.  As you know, this requires a high degree of discipline, self-accountability and endurance to succeed.  Together, we will explore ways to help you create efficiency and refine priorities to help you sustain the energy you need to continue drive forward.


The dynamics of leading and working with a team can generate multiple layers of complexity.  It is essential to clearly define roles and expectations, while engaging with a variety of personalities, behaviors and motivators. Creating an environment where others feel valued and respected is foundational to execute your vision and goals.  Working collaboratively to build your strategic plan with clear ownership and accountability of responsibilities will ensure optimal results.



Having the opportunity to own your own business is the epitome of the American dream.  With it comes the responsibility to manage multiple, if not all, aspects of your company.  Balancing and running this intricate framework requires expertise in many areas, which can generate tremendous pressure and stress.  Through a comprehensive review of your business, your role, and your team, we work together to uncover opportunities to help you achieve your vision and reengage the passion that was the catalyst for launching your business.

Exclusive Speaking & Consulting

Sometimes you want to focus on one or two specific areas.  These may be enhancing your leadership style or executive presence, refining and implementing your business plan, creating balance across multiple priorities without sacrificing results, maximizing team engagement, or delivering a distinguished client experience.  We work together to find a strategy that works for you so you don’t lose momentum.

Speaking engagements are available to create a dynamic and collaborative session for groups, teams or larger audiences.

Wealth Management Professionals

In collaboration with Elements Consulting, you have access to a team of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in the wealth management industry.  From business and team development, to succession planning and leadership, we have the tools and resources to help you succeed.

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