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Assessment offerings

“Values are beliefs held so strongly that they affect the behavior of an individual or organization.”

– Dr. Russ Watson

DISC Assessment

Energy is defined as the power and vitality required to do work, whether mental or physical.  It cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change in form.  As humans, we experience and apply this energy through our behaviors at work, in our relationships, and in everything we do.  We have both our natural style, and one that becomes situationally adapted.

The DISC model defines and interprets our behavioral styles into four categories - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.   There is no “right” or “better” combination.  It does not define how successful we are or can be, but serves to explain why we may react in a certain way.

Each of us has a unique combination of where we flex energy across these categories, influencing how others see and react to us.  Having awareness and being mindful of the type of energy each of us possess can help us consciously evolve our behaviors for more successful outcomes. 


The benefits of a DISC assessment include:

  • Creates self-awareness and understanding of your natural and adapted styles of behavior

  • Explains how other behavioral styles view and respond to your behavior

  • Improves your communication style with others   

  • Promotes team productivity through self and peer awareness

  • Interprets how you respond in different situations and the impact this has on your energy level

  • Clarifies ways to help you revitalize your energy


This assessment is foundational to optimizing performance by helping you capitalize on your strengths and leveraging the strengths of those around you.

Motivators Assessment

Motivators depict our personal beliefs around what matters most, what we value versus judge, and drive our decision making.  Motivators complement the DISC assessment, going deeper to understand our individual definitions of success, which can impact our communication with and outward behaviors toward others.

The benefits of assessing Motivators include:

  • Helps you define what success means for you

  • Supports stronger relationships

  • Creates awareness of potential blind spots or differences of opinion

  • Serves to foster engagement

  • Provides insight on how to relate to others who have different motivators

This assessment reveals and clarifies value-driven decisions and behaviors, and can assist with improving how we interact and understand others.   

Position Profiles

This work environment questionnaire serves to clarify job expectations and identifies ideal behavioral characteristics to help determine a person's affinity for the role.  


This tool can be leveraged from multiple perspectives, including:​

  • Having an employee or candidate complete to ensure they fully understand the expectations for the role

  • Having a leader or manager complete to refine expectations of their current, or future, employee in a role

  • By a hiring leader who is working on refining job expectations for a newly created position

This profile enhances productive communication and alignment of expectations between employee and leader, and helps leaders clarify qualifications for newly created or defined roles.

Adaptability (AQ)

Adaptability and resilience is rated the No.1 most important skill by L&D professionals according to 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Survey.  The lack of adaptability costs businesses $19.8B per year in HR, according to PWC.


This assessment serves to inspire & empower every human with the skills to adapt and thrive, ensuring no-one is left behind in the fastest period of change in history by transforming the way employees, teams and organizations thrive in change.

AQai is a pioneer in the field of organizational adaptability to support the development of highly adaptable employees, safeguarding careers, unleashing potential, and protecting the future of their organizations.


Together we will leverage these insights to help you more effectively

  • Support people through change, transformation, disruption, and re-skilling

  • Empower people, teams, and organizations to assess, understand, and change the behaviors needed to successfully adapt to our ever-changing environments

  • Develop highly adaptable employees, to help them safeguard careers, unleash potential, and protect the future of their organizations

Protect your organization from disruption. Upgrade your organization’s adaptability performance with detailed metrics, benchmarking and coaching support.

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