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5 keys to succeed in 2023.

Using these five steps, give yourself the edge to accomplish your top priorities.

  • One. Document your top 1-3 goals. Keep it simple, realistic and attainable. Less is more when you need to hold yourself accountable.

  • Two. Define how you will get there. What is working that you need to keep doing? What needs to evolve to create more efficiency? What should you abandon that isn't generating the results you need? (This last one is often the most difficult.)

  • Three. Define your target market. Who is your ideal client, why, and where are they? How will you engage with them (this becomes your marketing plan)? Who does not fit your business model? Who are your top competitors?

  • Four. Assign ownership and establish accountability. If you are a solo-entrepreneur, find a trusted partner, friend or colleague to keep you focused.

  • Five. Track your success. Set time aside now across regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to assess where you are and how well it's going. Determine any adjustments you need to make to continue with your progress.

Remember, goals are documented but planning is fluid. Use your goals as a basis for making business decisions. If that new tool, technology or marketing idea doesn't contribute to the success of your plan, consider postponing it. It doesn't mean abandoning the idea, but noting it down and weighing the impact of this distraction.


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