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Shared goals

What if you had shared goals versus the same goal? What is the difference you may ask?

When you have the same goal you are working toward a collective outcome. It may appear on the surface that you are working together in harmony, but the motivation and purpose for each individual may be vastly different.

  • Some may do it for money or status

  • Others out of obligation or job requirement

  • The leader who initiated that goal was likely motivated by his or her vision, wanting to transform and elevate the business, willing to invest their heart and soul in the work.

The willingness and buy-in of each team member will have a direct impact on their level of engagement and commitment.

When you have a shared goal, everyone is invested in the success of the outcome. You work together. You see the potential and are willing to give your time, energy, knowledge, experience, and thought leadership for the ROI.

Consider this…

  • Does your team feel part of the vision?

  • Are they willing to go the extra mile vs go through the motions?

  • Do they recognize the value of the outcome and the role they play now, during and after the work is completed?

  • Do they know why it matters?

This is where you move beyond compliance to advocacy.


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