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Velocity vs. Speed

What if you had velocity vs. speed?

First, let’s define them both.

  • Speed is the rate at which an object moves along a path.

  • Velocity is the rate and direction of an object’s movement.

If we focus purely on speed, we look only at the pace at which we are moving. This may seem like a good idea in theory (we are staying the course no matter what!). But the reality is our paths are rarely linear. We experience things that get in our way, forcing us to pivot and adjust. If we focus only in one direction, the only options we have are to slow down, or go faster.

Velocity captures speed, but also takes into consideration the direction we are going. It allows for the path to evolve as we evolve. We can adjust for unanticipated impacts, changing client expectations, or wildly successful growth.

Don’t just focus on speed – you may limit your path to success. Instead, leverage potential through velocity, capitalizing on the twists and turns to create opportunity.


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