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Money & Health

Based on a recent study, 65% of participants confirmed money caused them significant stress. More than half cited lack of emergency savings as a key contributor.

Anxiety about money has a direct impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, as confirmed by WebMD. It affects how we sleep, our behaviors, and potentially the health of our relationships with others. You could experience weight gain, weight loss, an increase in blood pressure, or mood changes, to name a few.

The impact of these stressors can unintentionally impact our performance at work, how we make decisions, and how we work with others. It may cause us to deviate from other priorities, such as a workout regimen, or making healthy eating decisions.

Think about your current situation. When you think about money, what is your initial reaction? Do you feel anxiety, fear, uncertainty? Or are you confident in your plan?

The sooner you can manage your emotions and expectations around your finances, the more in control you will feel. Don’t just look at the numbers. Work with your financial professional to get a better understanding of where you stand against your overall plan. Then make the necessary adjustments to help transform your fear and anxiety into fiscal optimism.


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