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Your brand... or an Optical Illusion?

Is your brand more of an optical illusion?

Based on your amazing marketing and the personalized discovery meeting, your new client walks away feeling optimistic, hopeful, and excited… they are on the right path to success with you as their guide. They have a perspective of what a future business relationship with you will be, and it feels GREAT!

While the relationship starts off well, after the onboarding process….

Does it evolve to become just the regular annual meeting, or the “check in to see how things are going” call?

When you look at an optical illusion, your brain is forced to interpret things that are not exactly clear, and it makes assumptions to fill in the gaps based on your past experiences.

Look at the image. What do you see?

Did you see the image of a partial face first? Did it morph into the profile? Or vice versa? How did you feel trying to “see” what was real? Confused? Frustrated?

Your clients may begin feeling less confident or satisfied when they walk out your door. They may start to make assumptions about the value you bring based on past experiences. They may view interactions with you through a lens of distrust or apprehension as they try to figure out what happened since that first meeting. They feel confused, frustrated, maybe even disappointed.

Don’t let your clients re-create the experience based on an illusion.

Bring clarity, consistency and authenticity to your service model. Doing so will optimize your brand and reputation.


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