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Are you making assumptions?

What color is this can of coke?

Red, right?

The reality – it is a series of black lines (if you zoom in you can see it more clearly). This is an example of color constancy.

Color constancy is the tendency to perceive a familiar object as having the same color under different conditions of illumination. In other words, we see the can as red because that is how we are used to seeing it.

Coke has evolved into an iconic brand, recognized by the white logo on the red can. In this case, our brains override what we actually see with something we are familiar with.

Think of some assumptions you make.

➡️Do you have the right perspective to make that judgement?

➡️Do you have the right information to make sure it is an accurate assumption?

➡️If it is wrong, what risks may result?

Don't assume or judge before you have the full context, or because it is something that is a little different than what you are used to seeing.

Because we all know what can happen if we assume....


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