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Achieving perfection

How would you describe perfection?

It is technically defined as “the quality or state of being perfect”. It means being “flawless” and having “an exemplification of supreme excellence”.

The frustrating thing about perfection is that while you may achieve it, you can’t stay there. Life happens. It takes you through twists and turns, leaving you in places where you are above it, maybe you are hovering at the line, or start to dip below.

We also have a complex relationship with perfection – how we define it evolves, as well as our satisfaction and appreciation of it.

Consider these often-said statements.

  • "I got the perfect dream job"

  • "I just closed on the perfect house"

  • "I finally found the perfect person to spend my life with"

The fascinating thing about this mindset is that once we achieve something, it doesn’t feel “enough”. There is another mountain to climb, or vacation home to buy. Our expectations continue to elevate, and what we once thought was perfect could be even better, if only….

Setting such unachievable standards can be exhausting, and unproductive. Not only do you stop living in the moment, appreciating the perfection of the present, but you create a cycle of never feeling successful.

This does not mean that you should stop being aspirational, because that is different than perfection. Aspirational means having a desire to achieve a high level of success – and that can take you to places you thought you may never go.

But if perfection is the end state, it can become a dangerous precipice to hover on.

So, what does perfection mean to you?


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