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Focused on FOUR.

The number four represents process, organization, determination, and true potential. It is about creating stability and security and is represented in many ways throughout history and society.

  • We get direction from the compass which is organized by four points: North, South, East and West

  • We build structures and homes on a foundation of four walls

  • We experience weather through four seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall

  • There are four primary elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire

  • In religion, the number four is the number of the cross in the Bible, and in Judaism there are four cups of wine, four children and four questions during Passover

  • President Roosevelt believed everyone should have four basic freedoms: Freedom from Want, Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Fear, and Freedom of Religion

  • We seek fortune and good luck through the four leaf clover

Like the cornerstone of a building, we leverage four strategic areas to create a foundation for optimization: productivity, purpose, fiscal health and vitality. Each of these have a dynamic influence on the likelihood for success, and your degree of fulfillment.

When was the last time you conducted a comprehensive quadrant review?

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