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Habits - Drive toward optimal success.

What if you had to make 100 different decisions today? That would be overwhelming.

Are you curious as to where this is going?

Good choice! Thanks for sticking with me on this one…

According to Cornell University, adults make approximately 35,000 decisions every day. Technology enables us by providing options we didn’t consider, leading to more decisions.

  • Netflix suggests the next tv show I should watch – Should I watch that, or keep searching? If I keep searching, will I have enough time to watch the show before I have to go to bed? Should I read a book instead? I have been meaning to meditate, maybe I can start that tonight. Or maybe I should just pick the show they suggested, get the laundry and fold while I am watching. But wait, my kids should learn to do their own laundry, maybe I should wait? But then will it wrinkle….

  • Amazon shares 2 additional items I should get to fully enjoy my purchase with their “buy all three” recommendation – Do I really need that, or is this just a scam to get me to buy more stuff? Will I still enjoy what I am getting without it? What if I don’t buy it and I wish I did? Should I pay that much, or look for another option that costs less? Do I even really need what I was looking for? Maybe I should just put it in the cart and think about it….

  • And then all the alerts on my phone – so many important things to know! Which should I read first?! Which should I share? Is there something I need to do as a result? Ding! More alerts coming through….

NOW you can feel overwhelmed, fully down a rabbit hole of choices. Your task no longer a priority… if you even remember what it was. And what have you accomplished?

The good news…

There are many actions we do every day that we deem non-negotiable, like brushing our teeth and getting dressed. These are our habits, defined as acquired behavior patterns regularly followed until they have become almost involuntary. We have integrated these in our daily routine to the point we eliminate the need to CHOOSE to do them. They just happen!

Time for action…

If you have not already, pull out your business plan/goals you set (and documented!) for 2023. At the end of Q1, are you on track? Have you established consistent, relevant, and impactful changes to get results?

Habits represent who you want to become, versus who you are today. Even small increments of forward momentum will start to compound – driving your progress forward!


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