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Leading with Purpose.

Have you defined a guiding principle for 2023?

Annually, most of us make the conscious decision to set goals personally and professionally.

Have you ever thought about why you are setting that goal? What will it mean if you achieve it?

As an example, let’s assume you want to increase your revenue and you choose a 10% target growth rate. 10% feels like a solid number, and somewhat of a stretch to keep you out of your comfort zone (after all, it is a double-digit goal!). If you achieve that, what will that mean to you? Will it make you feel more successful? Will your business finally operate at an efficient frontier? Will your employees or family be happier? How do you know 10% is the right number? If you have not determined the value of your goal, I would challenge you to rethink it.

This year, consider adding in a guiding principle to amplify your efforts. A guiding principle establishes a framework (often based on values) that influences and drives behaviors and decision-making.

For 2023, I am choosing fulfillment. Every decision made and action I take will be focused on achieving and guiding me toward fulfillment. If my goals don’t align, I consider adjusting or postponing them.

By establishing fulfillment as my anchor, I can remained focused on my intent and purpose, and direct all my energy toward this one thing. This laser focus increases the likelihood of success.

What will you use to guide you in 2023?


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