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Leverage your Super Powers

What is the fascination with superheroes that has led to the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry?

Let’s start from the beginning…

First introduced in 1917, described as “public figures with great talents or accomplishments”, the idea of the superhero began gaining popularity in America.

Superman, the first costumed superhero, was created by DC Comics in 1938. Superman was known as the “man of steel” and endured many hardships – he was dropped on Earth as an infant just before his planet was destroyed, he lost his father at a young age, he struggles to fit in while trying to reconcile his human persona with who he truly is.

He is on a journey to find his purpose in life. His story of becoming the hero and overcoming these challenges inspires us to think bigger, want to achieve more, believe we can take on the world!

Superheroes have all the qualities that we believe make someone successful – make us indestructible even.

  • They are confident and courageous.

  • Failure is never an option.

  • They have resilience, grit and determination.

  • They have willpower to achieve, well… almost anything.

  • They create strategic partnerships to enhance their value, and leverage these to overcome their weaknesses.

  • They have a clear purpose and mission.

  • They are adaptable.

Sound familiar?

These are all qualities we aspire to have, to live by. And while we may not have super powers, we all have the opportunity to live by their mindset.

So, what will be your super power?


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