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Positivity Opens Opportunity!

We all experience challenges every day that make us feel frustrated, stuck or that we can’t succeed. BUT… we are also presented with endless opportunities!

Are you able to see these opportunities, or are you so overwhelmed by noise and the constant bombardment of stuff coming your way that these opportunities never show up for you? Do these opportunities always seem to be available for everyone else to take advantage of?

Let’s explore a concept that originated back in the 1500’s, popularized by Aristotle known as horror vacui, which translates to “nature abhors a vacuum”. Aristotle believed that there is no true vacuum in nature because the moment there is an absence of a person, space or thing it will immediately be filled with something similar.

Now, let’s leverage this idea and reframe it. Consider your current mindset. When you think about your day, do you feel anxious, frustrated, angry or exhuasted? Do your thoughts start with the “If only’s” (If only I had more time, more energy, more money…) or with the “I wish’s” (I wish I could finish that book, workout, start a hobby, go on vacation, get that promotion….)?

If your brain is consumed by these negative thoughts, there is no space left to focus on the amazing opportunities that may be in front of you. You need to let go of the negativity to create space for what’s possible…what we put our attention on grows.

Rather than…

- Being frustrated with 2 hours of chauffeuring kids to and from after-school activities every day…you realize you get to spend one-on-one time with them, or listen to that audio book you have been meaning to read.

- Getting angry that someone stole that parking spot you were waiting for (you even had your blinker on!) and now you have to park on the other side of the lot…you now get those extra steps in since you had to miss your workout today.

- Going crazy with a flight cancellation…take a deep breath and use this unanticipated time to catch up on work, or try practicing meditation that you never seem to fit in your schedule.

Focusing on positivity is a powerful tool to overcome how you view what comes at you. You have the choice to view these as a challenge or opportunity. Celebrate your accomplishments rather than fixating on what isn’t working.

Remember, regardless if your glass is half full or half empty – you can always fill it back up!


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