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Tweak your perspective

FOMO vs. JOMO. These are two acronyms that represent the experience of “missing out”.

FOMO is the FEAR of missing out. You may feel worry or anxiety that you are not enjoying the same experience as someone else, or are missing a big announcement, technology or social trend. This has become a very real issue with the explosion of social media where everything is shared in real time, contributing to feelings of unhappiness and depression, and overall lower satisfaction.

But what if you viewed this as an opportunity, using the lens of JOMO instead? This is the JOY of missing out. It is when you relish the time to self-reflect, live in the moment, and find happiness with where you are. It is allowing yourself to quiet the noise and the “Keeping up with the Jones’s” mindset.

What might you gain in return?

Appreciation for self

  • Time to think and focus, allowing your brain to rest and generate space for new creative ideas to come in

  • Focused time with family or friends

  • Creating meaningful experiences that bring joy and value, not just a great post

How can you get to this mindset shift? Here are four simple steps to get started.

  1. Take 15 minutes per day to unplug, gradually increasing this time as you go

  2. Sit quietly and express gratitude

  3. Start journaling – it doesn’t matter what it is, but it is allowing for creative thought to flow

  4. Re-engage in genuine connections with others. Meet someone in person over coffee, send a handwritten letter or postcard each week to let friends or family know you are thinking of them, or just call them to say hello (vs texting).

Turn your FOMO into the Fear of Not Experiencing JOMO!


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