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The Impossible Knot

What if y

ou were the impossible knot?

A knot is defined as a tangled mess, causing something to tense and harden. The Double Fisherman’s knot (aka the impossible knot) is relied upon for its ability to stay tied - the knots fuse together over time. This usually results in having to cut the knot to free the “tangled mess”.

The story of Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot exemplifies this. In 333 BC, as he led his army to what is modern day Turkey, Alexander encountered a wagon entwined in knots bound so tightly that “it was impossible to see how they were fastened”. It was believed that whoever could free the wagon would rule all of Asia. After working for some time with no success, he cut through it with his sword, then moved on, taking control of many kingdoms.

You may have a specific routine, or way of looking at things… but outside, the environment changes, technology changes, and the players on your team have subbed out. While you are aiming for your Gordian Knot” of opportunity to elevate your business, you may find yourself frustrated, trying to move forward, but the ideas, the strategies and your efforts feel difficult - you are not getting the same results.

This is where unlearning begins.

Unlearning is taking everything you know or have learned and considering an alternative way to approach it. Doing so makes space for new thoughts and perspectives and creates an environment where innovation thrives. You start to develop resilience and flexibility.

You see, knots also symbolize what we believe are unsolvable issues, but if we are patient and persistent, we can slowly unravel them, releasing the tension. (Or you can take the bold approach and just cut right through them like Alexander the Great!)

Embrace a growth mindset – let go of the activities and behaviors that hinder results.

Complacency stagnates. Reframe standard. Explore endless possibilities. Live inspired.


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