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The Mindset of an Elite Athlete

There are four key traits that separate the good from the elite.

  1. A growth mindset that embraces challenges and obstacles. They don’t limit the opportunity by settling for what they think can achieve but visualize achieving ultimate success. They are not held back by limiting beliefs or current ability. They believe continued development and improvement will elevate their performance.

  2. They are motivated by competition. They are not intimidated by those better than them. They exude confidence and tenacity and use their competitors as a benchmark to exceed, not match their competition.

  3. Open to feedback and willing to implement the advice. They value and respect coaching, rather than take offense or defend why the play didn’t work, or who else caused them to mess up. A minor adjustment to foot placement, or grip on a racket/ball is viewed as investment in their success, not and insult to their skill.

  4. They work hard. Showing up every day, working on the same drill no matter how mundane, has become a habit and commitment to themselves and their success. Rain or shine they work on all aspects of their game, position, and mindset. The slightest adjustment or progress can have a significant impact.

These four traits can be directly applied to you and your goals. Ask yourself,

  • Have I embraced a growth mindset?

  • Do I strive to excel and learn from my competition?

  • Am I willing to embrace feedback with an open mind and create an action plan as a result?

  • Is my effort meaningful?

Find someone who inspires you.


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