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Time Abundance

What if you had more meaningful, productive time? This is one of the most common issues my clients want to solve.

How well do you know EXACTLY how and where you spend your time? If you wrote down each activity and the amount of time spent on it, what did you accomplish?

Screen time is now one of the biggest culprits of stealing our precious hours (further validated by the fact that you are reading this right now). Consider these facts:

  • The Nielsen Company revealed the average American spends 10 hours and 39 minutes attached to a screen EVERY DAY - that is mind blowing!

  • This equates to more than 40% of our day being attached to some form of device, including smartphone usage, gaming and TVs.

  • Internet-connected screen time alone averages just under 8 hours/day

  • Cutting screen time by just 10% gives you back one hour each day. That could be the work out that you have been trying to fit in…. Or dinner with your family.

Try these FOUR simple steps starting today….

  1. Track where you spend your time for one week and highlight what percentage was spent on productive activities. (Productive answers the question “Did it help you accomplish something of value at work, improve your health, give you time to think, or enjoy a meaningful experience with friends/family?”

  2. Acknowledge and accept how much “wasted time” you have

  3. Choose one block of that “wasted time” to reallocate to that something you “have been wanting to do but just don’t have time for”. This might be a workout, a hobby, meditating, reading, quality time with those you care about.

  4. Commit to this for the next 30 days.

Be creative with this block of precious time.

Consider this scene as I crested the dunes and stepped on the beach this morning…. The sun was shining down from an azure blue sky, creating light to dance along the waves. Birds were gliding on a warm and gentle breeze, while a pod of dolphins made its way along the shoreline, playfully popping in and out of the ocean around the surfers getting in their morning ride. The air smelled fresh and clean. And in the midst of this paradise, I observed a woman standing with her toes in the sand, water gently lapping around her ankles. In her hands she held a paper copy of a PowerPoint presentation, quietly practicing her story out loud, using this backdrop for her inspiration.

Now THAT is a transformational experience of productive activity…

What will be yours?


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