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Your Future Self

Hi. I’m Liz, nice to meet you Future Self.

We unintentionally assign labels to ourselves, often tied to our emotions and fears.

  • I am shy.

  • I am not confident.

  • I am angry.

  • I am content.

  • I am not good enough.

  • I am lazy.

  • I am fearful.

  • I am misunderstood.

  • I am overwhelmed.

Often what we perceive others think of us become the labels that define who we are and influence our actions.

So, who do you want to be when you grow up?

Here is a list of 4 action steps you can take to become your best future self.

  1. Imagine the ideal version of your Future Self. This is who you will become, what you will do, how you will think and live. Now practice visualizing yourself as you want to be. Go deep and engage your senses….What do you feel? See? Hear? Smell? Taste? Where are you? What are you doing? Now that’s living!

  2. Acknowledge your current successes and celebrate what you have accomplished. What have you achieved? What are you grateful for? What knowledge and experience have you gained? Which relationships hold the most meaning? These have led you to where you are and started the journey for your future self.

  3. Create goals that come from your soul, not your ego. When you set expectations that mean something to you, not what you believe others expect, you give yourself the opportunity to succeed and permission to celebrate your success. The effort and results have value and purpose.

  4. Be patient with You and savor the journey. Not every effort will go as smoothly as you want, and the outcomes may evolve and surprise you. With an open mind, you can embrace and learn from each. As long as you keep your Ideal Future Self as your guide, your path will always be moving in that direction.

Think BIG and be inspired by yourself!

Own your journey.


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